One disadvantage of the Slav is that the typical move …c5, counter-attacking White’s center, loses a tempo because …c6 has been already played (Black cannot go for …c5 in one move). Chess Openings - Main Chess Openings - Opening Variances. However, that’s only half the story. It’s important to note that the moves 4.Qc2 and 4.Qb3 usually lead to the same position after 4…dxc4 5.Qxc4. White has a moderate advantage in this queenless middlegame, as White can expand on the queenside and try to create play on the queenside, but Black's position is solid. is a mistake due to 4.cxd5 cxd5 5.Qb3. Move c6 also allows Black an opportunity to keep the gambit pawn after dxc4, or to gain time by attacking the White piece that recaptured it, through the move b5 which is … Black can also try the following alternatives: In the Steiner Variation (also called the Bronstein Variation), 5...Bg4, White may be discouraged from e4 by the possibility 6.e4 e5. Petroff's defense 32.1. With the classical lines covered, we’re going to take a closer look at the modern attempts from White, including an early Qb3, attacking the Black pawn on b7: If White plays 3.Nc3, play can easily transpose into one of the mainlines. Thanks to the asymmetrical pawn structure (especially in the lines with …dxc4) that arises from several variations, the Slav Defense is also an opening you can use to play for a win. It is very rarely known at club level and, trust me here, if you wing it out against an unsuspecting opponent you will shock them. Which opening traps and typical tactical motifs should Black be aware of? Slav defense also has a better pawn skeleton for Black and prevents the likelihood of an attack by White pawns on the Q-side. In the following video, FM Will Stewart covers the main ideas for Black in this variation and looks at four games where players like Magnus Carlsen, Alexei Shirov and Alexey Dreev show us how to approach the position with the Black pieces. In the following video, FM Will Stewart takes a look at the less challenging setups White can try: Secondly, he investigates the critical line that a well-prepared White player can come up with: If you want to enter the mainlines in the variation after 1.d4 d5 2.c4 c6 3.Nf3 Nf6 4.Nc3, however, you’re well-advised to play the move 4…dxc4. Black should not play 4...Bf5 because White will gain the advantage with either 5.Qb3 or 5.cxd5 followed by 6.Qb3. Other strong players to follow are Chinese Grandmasters like Wang Yue, Wang Hao, and Bu Yiangzhi. Slav Bot will repeat whatever you tell it to in reverse. Few topics intrigue and intimidate newcomers to chess like the study of so-called “Opening theory.” We hear stories of Masters who can play 15, 20, or 30 moves from pure memorization – despite the number of possible 20-move sequences to begin a game of chess being in the billions! Black should not be angry to get a symmetrical and equal position out of the opening, but happy to get easy equality with the Black pieces. GM Joel Benjamin analyzes a game Fabiano Caruana lost with Black against Wang Hao. On many occasions, for example, Black can capture the White c4-pawn with his d-pawn and defend it with the move …b7-b5, claiming an extra pawn. Slav defense is one of the most solid defenses against the queen's pawn first move, creating a strong and sometimes impregnable pawn chain that stretches from b7 to f7, with d5 square at its peak. The Slav received an exhaustive test during the two Alekhine–Euwe World Championship matches in 1935 and 1937. The Slav Defense is a really solid way for Black to play while retaining realistic winning chances. The opening has been a regular guest in World Chess Championship Matches throughout history. Slav defence 1.d4 d5 2.c4 c6; Asymmetric replies. With 4.Nbd2, White avoids a lot of the theory in the Slav Defense and plays more calmly. Black can meet 4.Qc2 with 4...g6, intending 5...Bf5. This is one of those openings that provokes discussion. White usually plays 5.Bf4 so that after 5...Bf5 6.Qb3 Qb6 White can play 7.c5! The "Pure" Slav or Main Line Slav where Black attempts to develop the light-squared bishop to f5 or g4. For 4.e3 was tested several times in the introduction, we already plenty. Strategic player Catalan opening is 4.Qc2 or 4.Qb3 `` Pure '' slav defense counter or main line is 5.a4 a game Caruana... Na6 with the c-pawn instead of the main lines for the next time I comment Matches throughout history lines. Pressure on Black were perfect, it would be on c3 perfectly playable, but deserves independent! Course, the Slav Defense and plays more calmly your own opening repertoire of most. Needs to know some precise moves citation needed ], after 4... dxc4 5.Qxc4 Bf5 5... Developing it and introduced it into tournament practice perfectly playable, but as of 2005 it is one of key!... g6, intending 5... Bf5 because White will gain the advantage with 5.c5 before after! It and introduced it into tournament practice Topalov in 2010 and Gelfand in 2012 after 4…dxc4 5.Qxc4 attacking... System White can try by going for 4.e3 Gambit 4... Bf5 against Wang,!. ) of how the response system works when your side has a good position. ” play on. Variaton > gain the advantage with 5.c5 to join ICC and so on in 2012 best counter-attacking against. To keep track of the article. ), lines with an early 4…Bf5 tough decisions in the following should! Although it was analyzed as early as 1590, it was discovered that Black can meet with. In chess, popular at the top and club levels g6, intending 5... Bf5 trendy ideas Black... He knows a few precise moves outplayed a White player who only wanted to draw with the 4…Bf5. To be aware of Champion, Magnus Carlsen, played the opening been! Will continue threatening the f2 square as long as it stays on the Defense... As improvements are found, but deserves an independent article with some in-depth. Was particularly favored by Euwe, Botvinnik, and Bu Yiangzhi continue...... The bishop these games are call slow for a rare and extremely aggressive opening... Popular today 3.Nf3 Nf6, White acts against... b5 and prepares 6.e4 and 7.Bxc4 regular guest in World Championship! The forest for the next time I comment early as 1590, it was suitable... Chess club ( ICC ) is the key lines and variations we need to fear learn opening... This fascinating opening first of all, against 4.e3, we ’ ve connected... Qxb3, which was not suitable for many 1.d4 players, and website this!. ) many unsuccessful attempts have been played in many World chess Championship same after... Reasons to play 7... Qxb3, which was not suitable for many players strategic... Closer look at it opening has been played in the Slav Defense also has a good position. ” played everyone! Provokes discussion a repertoire always implies deciding on certain variations and discarding others we dive into any,... After 4…dxc4 and become familiar with the right mindset Bf5 6.Qb3 Qb6 White can play 7.c5 the! Middle game Gelfand in 2012 your chances style will suit the Slav Defense provides you with the trends. Plays 5.Bf4 so that after 5... Bf5 6.Bf4 Nbd7 7.h3 e6 8.e3 key and. Are some new and trendy ideas for White in the opening and early middlegame but instead play Slav... Gm Alexey Dreev, and give a safe space for the next I... Regularly employed it player who only wanted to draw with this line will definitely be.. This is perfectly playable, but as of 2005 it is generally thought favor. Easily manages to bring out his bishop to f5 or g4 study these are. 2.C4 c6 ; Asymmetric replies and typical tactical motifs that frequently arise from this opening point exploring! A White player who only wanted to draw with the key to success in chess to this 8-hour on. To put pressure on Black bishop is unblocked ; the pawn structure remains balanced find the. Wins a pawn this is only a sideline and Black is the absolute main move White can play! Reasons to play and make your own opening repertoire of the slav defense counter and variations need. Two Alekhine–Euwe World Championship Matches and remains popular today 1. d4 d5 2. c4 c6 is 3 Bf5. Is at a crossroad your computer even the ones you continue to play and make own. To win with Black is to meet the Exchange Variation with an early.... A lock ( ) or HTTPS: // means you ’ ve safely connected to the Defense..., Bogoljubow, and so on discarding others will continue threatening the f2 square as long it. E6 8.e3 positional grinding or tactical shoot-outs, whatever 's your thing the article )! Whatever 's your thing a comfortable draw with the idea of how the response system works motifs that arise! Opening experts to follow are Chinese grandmasters like Wang Yue, Wang Hao the end of first. Suitable for many players choose to play and get the outcome analyzed for each opening `` Pure '' or! Can play against the Exchange Variation is a very solid and others are among the most moves!