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Book Drive

Gratitude to Donors of the last Book Drive to Eritrea

A large book drive was organized by AEFM a few years ago to ship over 250 boxes of books to Eritrea, of which more than half were medical books. After some delay the books had arrived in Eritrea and are being used nearly for the last two years. AEFM felt obligated to contact all who contributed in one way or another for the success of this project, pass the information about the arrival of the books and also to express our gratitude for their help. However, we were unable to obtain the list of the donors and their contact addresses, except for those from Washington DC area.

In this book drive and other types of assistances, AEFM plays the central role of coordinating the efforts and establishing the links with the recipients of the donation in Eritrea. However, we would like to stress that the actual donations and contributions come from all angles of the community, Eritreans as well as non-Eritrean friends. With this note, therefore, AEFM would like to acknowledge the generous contributions in books, cash for the purchase of more books and for shippment; and last, but not least, labor in collecting, packing and shipping.

We look forward to continue our effort in this endeavor with your continued assistance.

Best wishes for pleasant holidays and a happy new year!


Eyassu Habte-Gabr, M.D.
President of AEFM



The Association of Eritreans and Their Friends in Michigan(AEFM) has been requested by the Eritrean Institute of Technology (EIT) to help in the collection of text and reference books for the institution. AEFM is a non-profit, non-religious, non-political 501(c)(3) tax-exempt association of Eritreans and non-Eritreans based in the State of Michigan. Over the years, AEFM has been involved in the collection and shipment of various Educational supplies to Eritrea as well as hosting a number of cultural, educational, and outreach events to Eritreans and non-Eritreans in mid-Michigan. For more information on the Association, please visit the website (www.eritrean-aefm.org).

EIT is a new post-secondary institution, less than two years old, established by the Ministry of Education of the State of Eritrea. It has close to 10,000 students. No matter what the subject matter and the level of training are, the focus of the school is hands-on training. To accomplish this goal, we understand that there is a great need for subject matter books, both text and reference. The school has sent the list of the urgently needed books to AEFM. AEFM has categorized the list of books by subject matter and are posted on the AEFM Website (www.eritrean-aefm.org/actvities/books/EIT_books/eit_books.htm); in addition, to the extent that they are available, the list also shows on the Web the title, author, publisher, and edition and/or date of publication.

AEFM is asking everyone for the urgent and vigorous participation in the collection of these books. There are a number of ways people can participate: (a) Selecting individual titles and sending as many copies as possible, (b) organizing book collection/purchasing parties or house meetings, (c) sending money so that AEFM can bulk purchase books at discount prices, and (d) contacting institutions, libraries, schools, and individuals to help with this effort.

For people who want to contribute cash for the purchase of books, please make checks or money order payable to AEFM-Book Project and if you want to wire your contribution, please send it to AEFM Account #7163142479 Routing #: 042000314 at Fifth Third Bank. Be sure to deduct your contributions from your IRS tax liability for the year 2005. For more information please e-mail us.

Please note below where to send books and checks:

(a) books to,

International Institute of Flint,
515 Steven Street,
Flint, Michigan, 48502

(b) Checks to,

P.O. Box 293
East Lansing, MI 48826-0293

Best wishes and regards,


Book Collection Committee

Contributions to AEFM

The Board of Directors of AEFM would greatly appreciates any contributions by individuals and organizations in order to achieve its goals of helping people help themselves. Please fill out our contribution form and send the form to the address indicated on the form.

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