Evolve three Spore Bursts and save your game. Third, buy spores equal to the number of those uninfected countries. Depending on how soon your fungus gets discovered, evolve Sweating and Pneumonia as well to increase the bonus in cold countries. This will get you out of just India and into a bunch of other countries. The extra infected countries should give you some extra DNA. A humid climate means one must evolve. You’re doing something wrong, I’ve tested this recently. Congratulations. (For fungus on normal difficulty): Start in Iceland. Once again, when enough DNA is attained and enough of the population is infected, evolve Necrosis. You've beat the Plague Inc. fungus level. If its cold, evolve a basic syntom to spread in cold and if its hot, well..youll know what to do. ● Strategy Guides/Peer Pressure ● Strategy Guides/Plague in Space ● Strategy Guides/Prion ● Strategy Guides/Pus Explosion ● Strategy Guides/Revenge of Osiris ● Strategy Guides/Russian Nuclear Retaliation ● Strategy Guides/Sadomasochist ● Strategy Guides/Santa's Little Helper ● Strategy Guides/Shadow Plague ● Strategy Guides/Shouldn't Keep Pets ● Strategy Guides/Simian Flu ● Strategy Guides/Simian Flu Gene Farming ● Strategy Guides/Smallpox ● Strategy Guides/Starting Country ● Strategy Guides/Teleportation ● Strategy Guides/Test This! At this time, the fungus will use its spores to spread to other continents. DNA management and timing is of the essence as doing it too soon will significantly increase the cure speed and leave you with little DNA gain. It is a new special plague typle that lets you control and manipulate infected humans. 3. Otherwise, you could get stalled too long waiting for extra DNA. Save your game. THANK YOU! Watch as the world burns. If low level symptoms (besides Insomnia) mutate after cure research, At this point in the game, a message appears that a Country will be closing its land borders, airports or ports. Save your points and let the infection spread. If a symptom mutates, devolve it immediately for DNA points. You should be able to do pretty much whatever you want, but the ones I've listed are going to likely be the most reliable. Want to Win as Fungus? At this point, the disease will get spotted if it hasn't been spotted already. Gamerevolution Wednesday, Parasite - Beat Fungus Plague type on Normal or Brutal Difficulty, OR pay US$0.99 after unlocking Fungus;, Plague Inc: Evolved Trophy Guide Win a game with Fungus on Normal the trophy won't unlock for you without doing Shadow Plague on Mega-Brutal. We need our fungus to start spreading more reliably, so upgrading both the air and water transmission will help this along. It takes a long time to infect the entire population, so be patient and only add symptoms once the world is fully infected and you get the "There are no healthy people left in the world" message. Start in Saudi Arabia. The Air abilities increase the infectivity of your pathogen in arid environments, as well as granting a greater chance of spreading the disease by plane. Infecting all seven allows the rest of the game to be much easier. Air 2 can also be obtained if the DNA stock is well managed. These will further help increase the speed of which the fungus spreads. To make sure our fungus doesn't just die out in the cold, some DNA into Cold Resistance 1 will give it a chance. Wait until it's 75% again, and repeat. Now you must bring about the end of human history by evolving a deadly, global Plague whilst adapting against everything humanity can do to defend itself. on September 09, 2020: All plague inc. tutorials from you worked first try, now I’m on bio … Plague Inc.’s Air 1, Air 2, Water 1, Water 2 and ultimately the Extreme Bioaresol will ensure the spread of your fungus by land, by sea, and by air. If no Tricky Island is infected, load. This will also give an extra surplus of DNA. Anything that helps prevent the cure or kills faster. Once everyone is infected, you can devolve all the transmissions. Do not rely on mutation. Friends with Benedicts. ), Fungus on Normal will be your biggest road block when you first start playing. To start us off, we're going to need to place our future deadly fungus into India! You will need to have exactly 23 DNA to head into the next step to give our fungus some ability to spread better, and a bit of resistance. Once you've infected everyone in the world, you can immediately devolve all the Transmissions and Abilities we've added previously. If you failed to reach 200 but is very close, try loading your last save file (Sometimes the last few thousand people take a week to die but sometimes it takes 2 days) If it still doesn't work, try to adjust the order of traits. your templates description | Plague Inc. ), Fungus on Brutal is probably one of the harder plagues in the game in my opinion. If you're struggling with this, then consider slowing down the speed of the game. After concluded all those steps, that helps in 99.9% on the way to succeed, verify which country its the last one (the tough one to infect) and evolve your fungus spread syntoms based on the info of this country. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Start to evolve ONE of the Spore Burst trees as soon as you can. All comments must be on topic and add something of substance to the post, Do not attempt to start a poll in the comments, We reserve the right to remove a comment for any reason, Do not impersonate a staff member or influencer. Spend All Your Early DNA Points. Your pathogen has just infected 'Patient Zero'. If you don't have enough DNA Points, you can devolve some of your Transmission options since you won't need those anymore. Gather the bubbles. Unlock parasite. read more "Parasite" Parasite. This strategy does not work on Plague Inc: Evolved (Normal and above) as the cure is detected. It has become one of the most viral games of all time for mobile devices and now it finally comes to the PC here on Games.lol! This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. I have tested it multiple times, following these exact steps, and it has worked each time. after being stuck on fungus for weeks this helped 100%, This worked flawlessly for me! I think I was able to get all the way to Total Organ Failure once everyone was infected. Thank you soooooo much me and my friend where struggling so much but thanks to you tips we did q, It almost didn’t work out for me. They shouldn’t be developing a cure at all by the time you infect everyone. I can’t figure out why it won’t work for some people, because I’ve tried it multiple times and it has worked in each one. As your infectivity is near max and boosted by mutations – no country can resist except Greenland, which you wisely yeeted from the start of the game. Doesn’t work. Can’t get enough points to put a dent in. Time it correctly so that they get most, if not all, of the remaining countries before the infected count skyrockets above 2 or 3 billion. It's time to upgrade the transmissions so we can spread the fungus more effectively. If you’ve just picked up Plague Inc. and you want to jump right into spreading chaos … Selecting your starting location is the first step (in every guide), I'd like to start in India, because of … I was a bit worried about the cure progress suddenly going forward very fast, but as long as you do everything from step 11 at once, humanity doesn’t stand a chance B-). A neat trick to use is to take the genes Metabolic Jump, (Any Infectious Gene), Patho-Stasis, Extremophile, and Genetic Mimic. Upgrade Ability traits. If everything is perfect, you should end up with 195~205 days. If an excessive amount of transmissions mutate (very unlikely, but it could happen), consider going for Total Organ Failure via Pulmonary Fibrosis. When you get the message 'No more healthy people left in the world', you know it's time. Depending on which countries are struggling, Drug Resistance 2 OR Heat Resistance 1 should be evolved. If people turn out to die too slowly, try swapping this step with the previous step. There’ll always be a last country hard to infect despite these tips. Tips Plague Inc. tips, cheats, and strategy ... read more "Fungus" Fungus. Time for another Spore Burst, just gather up 12 points and upgrade another one of these. This will create another surplus of DNA. Now that millions are starting to perish, you'll need to slightly be worried about the world finding a cure. Next, we'll need to save up 12 DNA to get our next upgrade. If Greenland and/or Iceland... Notes. Devolve any symptoms that mutate. The cure should be too slow to create, and once so many people have died they will no longer really be able to do anything about it. Be careful not to let your Fungus get too lethal until the entire world is infected. Try to evolve the corresponding trait. It's simple, you need to infect everyone if you're going to kill … Once you've gathered up 18 more DNA Points, we will want to use those towards upgrading our Drug Resistance ability. Plague Inc. is a unique mix of high strategy and terrifyingly realistic simulation. Once all countries are infected, allow symptoms to mutate at will. Strategy 1 (No-Gene Mega Brutal Challenge) Gameplay. Don't try to infect all seven islands on mobile—The chance is 1/1700... A mutation will happens soon.

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